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Raycast Technology applies game mechanics in different domains like Education, Entertainment, Production and Manufacturing Industry to communicate complex information in an effective and interesting way.

Safety Simulation

We apply cutting edge technologies like AR/VR, Gamification etc to make high standard safety simulations.

Define The Way You View.

Educational Games with good quality 3D Models will help the students to understand the concept at its best. We convert all topics in to 3D games with our product Angle-D

Visual User Guide
Video Instructions

Visual User Guide helps the customers to understand about the product in better way. VUG replaces the traditional bulk text in to interesting 3D video for user manual

Our Portfolio

Angle D

About Us

Raycast Technologies is a simulation development company with head office in Infoaprk, Cochin. Our experienced team members use cutting edge technologies to make high quality products in Simulation.

We associated with many excellent corporates and organizations like, Indian Oil Corporation, Byju’s Think and Learn Corporation, Cyberdome, Kerala Police etc.

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These are our prestigious clients we work with.

Learn Mobile Game Development
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• Practical Oriented Online Class.
• Develop & Publish your first game during course.
• Complete the course and your own game in 3 months.
• Learn at your convenient time and place.
• Get your experience certificate.
• Entry to AR/VR and Game domain.

Course Fee Rs. 15,000 only

Now Rs. 11,575 only

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